Partnering A commitment by both customers and suppliers, regardless of size, to a long-term relationship based on clear, mutually agreed objective to strive for world-class.

The key characteristics of partnerships sourcing are as follows:

  • Top level management commitment
  • Involvement by all relevant functions
  • Customer and supplier working together
  • A high level of trust, knowledge sharing and openness between customer and supplier
  • Clear joint objectives
  • Commitment to a long-term relationship
  • A proactive approach to improving and developing the partnership
  • A total quality management philosophy focused on co-operative efforts to maximise quality and secure continuous improvement
  • Flexibility by both parties
  • A high degree of systems integration

Partnering aims to transform short-term adversarial customer-supplier relationships focused on the use of purchasing power to secure lower prices and improved delivery into long-term co-operation based on mutual trust in which quality, innovation and shared values complement price competitiveness.

“Create – Deliver – Inspire”

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